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Vigna Preziosa
Prosecco DOC

Vigna Preziosa Doc is the sparkling wine par excellence. The right sparkling for an improvised party and for the nights with your friends.

This Prosecco’s bubbles are the perfect solution for turning a boring day around. 100% Glera grapes (Prosecco grapes), which gives an authentic taste to the wine.


toasted crust of bread with salt cod, lime peel and a pinch of paprika.

Vigna Preziosa
Prosecco DOC Rosé

A touch of Pinot Nero to give more vivacity and to brighten up the day.

From the aperitif to the after-dinner, Vigna Preziosa gives a touch of color to a warm dinner with your friends or family.

Enough with the ordinary sparkling wines! The Glera grapes’ aroma along with the Pinot Nero’s elegance gifts a new wine experience.


vol-au-vent with swordfish carpaccio, passion fruit and burrata.

Vigna Preziosa
Prosecco DOC Bio


Only the best grapes, grown with organic methods, can be part of the production of this amazing Prosecco, with its smooth and mouth-filling bubbles.

Vigna Preziosa Bio is the perfect Prosecco for those who are not satisfied with what they have, who are always looking for something better. It’s the sparkling wine for whoever Is looking for unconventional experiences.

To enjoy a relaxing break or a tasty aperitif, you can count on the organic freshness of Vigna Preziosa Bio.


vegetables’ tempura and oysters.